The Founders

From left to right: Thien Pham, Thomas Cho, Xuan-Du Nguyen, Jeffy Thomas, Daniel Lee, Long Phan, Chinh Doan, Andrew Lee, Phi Doan

About Gamma Beta Fraternity, Inc.

The Gamma Beta Fraternity was created in the Spring of 2000 at the University of Texas at Austin. The original nine founders intended to incorporate the culture of the Asian community and the values and morals of a family to create an unparalleled brotherhood. The fraternity is dedicated to the betterment of men through morality, discipline, responsibility, unity, and academics. Gamma Beta is currently the fastest growing Asian-Interest Fraternity in the southwest region. Although Gamma Beta is an Asian-Interest Fraternity, we do not discriminate. Men of any color, creed, ethnicity, or religious background are welcome to our fraternity.

Official Purpose

The official purpose of the Gamma Beta organization is to better each member as an individual and as a whole and all those in contact with Gamma Beta through a brotherhood promoting and enforcing morality, discipline, responsibility, an unprecedented sense of unity and high academic standards.


Brotherhood, Unity, Courtesy, Respect, Discipline, Integrity, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, and Humility.