Gamma Beta is an Asian Interest Fraternity that promotes brotherhood, morality, and high academic standards. Through social and academic life on campus, the Brothers of Gamma Beta strive to serve the purpose of our motto, "Making good men better."
Our organization provides a fresh atmosphere for young students entering Texas Tech. Becoming a Brother of our fraternity leads to a broader network of friends, as well as connections. Furthermore, the memories that you will build as a GB will fulfill your college experience, as it has been a milestone for all of our graduates.
It is a series of events that allow us to meet interested men. During this time, we are able to personally meet you through several events and activities as well as introduce you to fraternal life.
Rush is 100% FREE! We provide the food, drinks, and fun, and all we ask for in exchange is for you to get to know us. There is absolutely no pressure in coming out and you may leave anytime you wish, or hang out with us as late as you like.
A bid is an invitation to membership in our fraternity. By coming out to rush events, you increase your chances of receiving a bid. Those that are granted bids will be contacted by the fraternity after rush is over.
Gamma Beta takes pride in being a very academically inclined group of men, with an overall GPA well above the average. We have weekly study hours to allow our new members to get ahead, and an Academic Chair to make sure your GPA is up to par. Many of our graduates are now successful men, something that Gamma Beta will mold you into.
We are often referred to as the Gentlemen of Gamma Beta. Our reputation, based on our high morals and behavior, continues our tradition of 'making good men better.' Gamma Beta has quickly become the most popular and exciting group of young men on campus in a short amount of time. We are currently a member of the Multicultural Greek Council. Join us as we meet the young men of today and turn them into the leaders of tomorrow.